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Yes, really free. Just fill out the form below, and your project may be selected!

I'm passionate about Salesforce and process automation, but sales just doesn't excite me. So I'm doing a few projects for free, as a way of launching this new company. I'll use your project in my marketing and you'll evangelize Takuma to colleagues!

I'll pick projects that will highlight my abilities and provide high value to clients. 

If you've got a Salesforce problem you'd like fixed, fill out the form below to tell me who you are, what sort of challenge you're facing, and why I should select your project. I'll review your submission and reach out if it sounds like a good fit.

Selection will be completely subjective and at my discretion.

Do you want




Submit Your Project

Thanks for submitting! I'll review your submission along with the others I've received and be in touch if I select yours.

All sold out! Thanks for your interest in the free stuff, but we've moved on. To see how we can help your business with its Salesforce org, please submit a contact form from our home page.

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